Canal Hotel Delft

Unique stay Delft 1938 Monumental Boat "Tromp"

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Enjoy a night at the canal!

The ship was built in 1938 for the Royal Dutch Navy by De Vries Lentsch Shipyard in Amsterdam North. This shipyard also made the “De Groene Draeck“ boat for the Dutch Royal family. The Tromp is 12 meters long (over 39 feet), 3.20 meters wide (over 10 feet) and has a depth of 1.10 meters. Many features of the Tromp are authentic, making it designated as an official Sailing Monument in The Netherlands.

The cabin offers a quaint, clean, and comfortable setting for a unique short-term stay on a historic boat. Within the salon are original period furniture with fine details: two fixed wooden tables with fixed benches on both sides. The middle of the cabin features a two-meter (6.5 feet) long sofa, which serves as a comfortable bed for two people. Opposite the sofa bed is a small kitchen with sink and drinkable water crane, a small two-ring stove and refrigerator. The antique kitchen cabinets are filled with all you might need – tableware, flatware, pans, towels, linens, and kitchen tools, as well as coffee and tea.

You can cozy up outside on the front deck with its steering wheel and fixed wooden seats or enjoy the scenery of Delft from the surrounding solid wood bench on the back deck.

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